Momodora 0: Day of Birth is a small, silly Momodora fangame made as a birthday present for the creator of the Momodora series. 


A game by DAKU.

Developed in GBStudio

Music by Krümel (from the GBStudio community assets repository)

Check the downloads for the Game Boy file. A Game Boy emulator is required to play it.



  • Z: Attack
  • X: Jump
  • WASD or arrow keys: Move

Note:  Sometimes the enemies become bugged and can't kill you or be killed. Don't worry, they just want hugs.


Momodora 57 kB


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I played it! Very cute 

I loved it! at first it was too hard, but then I discovered that pressing the opposite direction when you're jumping halts your horizontal momentum, it helped a lot :)

There are some display bugs and slipperiness, but it was fun.

Thank you for playing and for featuring it on your video! ^v^

it's so slippery! it's annoying!!!

I agree! XD It's the default for the engine I used, but I will fix it for a future update!

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The slippery-ness of the movements are so annoying, but I guess that's just the challenge of the game. I loved this. It was super cute and just enjoyable, especially at the end with the cutesy art style. Such a simple concept, I loved it.

Edit: There were some animation glitches sometimes but it didn't effect the gameplay, once I got hit by an enemy it wouldn't kill me and left me in the "killed" animation (Yes, I know I saw in your description for the note). Sometimes when I killed an enemy the killing animation (The "sparkles" [not sure what to call them]) just stayed and kept looping.


Thank you for playing! Unfortunately at the time of making this I didn't have the necessary knowledge to edit the physics, but I will correct the slipperiness on a future update :>

As for the bugs, sadly I am aware of them all ^^;; but I haven't yet figured out how to fix them. I don't discard that they might have something to do with the engine itself, but I will keep trying!

Good art and bit frustrating the slide after of the jump, really not know you have control of the jump in gbstudio

Thanks for playing! I plan to release an update later on with improved physics, I just didn't know how to manipulate gbstudio's values when I originally made it c: 

The super frustrating old-school platforming was actually really fun. And the music's beautiful. 

Ahahaha the slipperiness it's part of the charm isn't it? 

Just kidding, I couldn't look into adjusting the values at the time since I made this on a limited schedule, but many people have asked for improved physics so the plan is to have an update up later on with some fixes.

Thanks for playing!

It was pretty hard, but I got all the presents! Love this.


Thanks for playing! :D 

Loved the art! Some challenging platforming, I love it! 

Thank you ver much! 

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I already found it

Is there a way to get the fifth gift? I've been going around for several minutes but I don't know how to get into that room (next to the maze)
P.S. Sorry if English is not very good, it is a translator

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yes you can. SPOILER in the room to the left of the library/ruins where momo is go the top most ledge on the right side and you can jump through the ceiling.